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Ramaland Studios
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Ramaland studios in Los Angeles California

Hello and welcome to my site. I am an award winning concept illustrator for movies, commercials, episodic shows, and children's books. I live in California with my wife and a bunch of animals.


I graduated with honors and a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan where I grew up. Shortly after graduating, I moved to the west coast where I started working at Sony Pictures Imageworks in Culver City. I did storyboarding, visual effects design and art directing on some horrible films including but not limited to "Wolf", "Johnny Mnemonic", "The Cable Guy" and "James and the Giant Peach".


Having gained a solid background in visual effects, I moved over to pre-production illustrating on over 300 movies so far. My current projects include a live action feature version of "How to Train your Dragon" (summer 2025), more episodic fun on "Severance" season 2 (late 2025) and "Dark Matter" season 2 (2026).


"Abigale the Happy Whale" is my first and only children's book.

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